7 Caribbean Museums You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

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When you jet or sail off to the Caribbean, you’re probably looking for one major thing—the beach. The sandy shores are, of course, one of the highlights of the region, but each island has many more things to offer. From historic sights to outdoor adventures, there’s plenty to do away from the ocean. For instance, there are hundreds of museums in the Caribbean. Here, we’ve picked seven of the perhaps lesser known ones that might pique your interest on your next vacation.

1. Barbados Concorde Experience, Christ Church Parish, Barbados

Courtesy of Flickr/Neil Williamson

Courtesy of Flickr/Neil Williamson

The Barbados Concorde Experience celebrates the island’s relationship with the iconic jet (Barbados was one of just four destinations that the Concorde flew to, the others being London, Paris, and New York). Fly the plane in a simulator, or relax in a lounge modeled after the original at London’s Heathrow Airport.

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2. Pharmaceutical Museum, Matanzas, Cuba

With the doors to Cuba finally open, consider taking a trip to the Pharmaceutical Museum. The institution is housed in a former pharmacy, built in 1832. This isn’t the only pharmacy museum in Cuba—there’s another in Havana, also housed in a former pharmacy.

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3. Musée de la Banane, Quartier Fourniol, Martinique


If you ever have questions about bananas, here’s where you should ask them. This museum is part exhibition, part plantation, so you can learn about the science and history of bananas, as well as eat them at the on-site restaurant.

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4. West Indies Cricket Heritage Centre, St. George Parish, Grenada

Part of the Spice Basket, which is itself a museum dedicated to the culture of Grenada, the West Indies Cricket Heritage Centre is the only exhibition dedicated to the history of cricket in the Caribbean.

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5. Horatio Nelson Museum, Nevis

You might know Nevis to be the childhood home of one highly regarded Alexander Hamilton (and yes, you can visit his birthplace, which is now a museum), but the island is also home to a museum dedicated to another historic figure—Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson. The English naval officer met and married his wife on Nevis while he was on a tour of duty.

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6. La Maison du Crabe, Le Moule, Guadeloupe


Like the Banana Museum, the House of Crab offers visitors an in-depth look at its subject. Here, staff educates guests about the different crab species, breeding, and how to eat them. (The museum claims to know more than 10,000 ways to eat crab.)

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7. The Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit, Philipsburg, St. Maarten


If you’re a regular in St. Maarten, you’re sure to know this special spot. Special effects guru Nick Maley, also known as “thatYodaGuy,” who has worked on over 50 films (including “Star Wars,” contributing to Yoda, appropriately), opened a movie memorabilia museum here. You’ll find props from iconic films like “Men in Black” and “Terminator” as well as lifecasts of some top Hollywood talent, from Jack Nicholson to Angelina Jolie.

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