9 Unique Hotel Spa Treatments

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The Moana Surfrider spa offers a scrumptious coffee and vanilla body ritual. Not recommended for the caffeine sensitive.
The Moana Surfrider spa offers a scrumptious coffee and vanilla body ritual. Not recommended for the caffeine sensitive.
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It’s almost that time again: This October 10 to 16, hundreds of spas in cities across the country will be cutting treatment prices to $50 for Spa Week. To honor this celebration of pampering, we thought it fitting to share some of the most interesting spa treatments we’ve come across during our hotel investigations. No, these aren’t on sale for spa week –but they are unique. Because as much as we love the $50 massage, there’s really no replacement for getting cocooned in chocolate.

Golden Door Spa at Boulders Resort, Scottsdale

Golden Door Spa at Boulders Resort, Scottsdale

Crushed Cabernet Scrub at The Plaza, New York City: The Plaza’s Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa is all about the power of the grape. Grape polyphenols fight against free radicals and rejuvenate skin, which is why this spa has numerous wine-inspired treatments, from the Merlot wrap to the red vine bath to the wine maker’s massage. The crushed cabernet scrub is the spa’s most popular scrub, and is composed of grape seeds, honey, brown sugar, and essential oils. It can, naturally, be followed up with a glass of wine.

Astrological Soul Reading at The Boulders Resort & Golden Door Spa, Scottsdale: Golden Door is a famous high-end spa chain, and the Scottsdale location is world-class. Its offering of Astrological Soul Reading is an interesting new addition to the menu; guests share their birth date, time and place to learn more about their souls’ stories and paths.

High-Altitude Adjustment Massage at The Four Seasons Vail (hotel coming soon on Oyster!): The Spa at the Four Seasons Resort Vail has a number of treatments specifically designed for high altitudes and winter sports therapy. The High-Altitude Adjustment Massage focuses on getting rid of your altitude headache and easing respiration.

Rollerssage at the Westin Kierland Resort & Spa, Scottdale: Rollersage is a bit similar to a hot stone massage — except for the fact that the “stones” in this case are semi-precious gems.

Kona Coffee and Vanilla Body Ritual at Moana Surfrider, Oahu: We love it when spa treatments sound good enough to eat. This body massage uses coconut vanilla cream, and is followed up with a shot of “Kona Red Antioxidant Elixir.” (The spa thoughtfully warns that it is not recommended for guests with caffeine sensitivity.) We probably would have preferred a shot of the cream…

The Grand Wailea Spa, Maui

The Grand Wailea Spa, Maui

Past Life Regression at Sedona Rouge Hotel & Spa: The Spa at Sedona Rouge has a special menu of spiritual treatments inspired by Sedona’s vortexes, called “Wellness & Intuitive Discoveries”. (For the uninitiated, “vortexes” are concentrations of spiritual energy.) On the list: Past Life Regression, which helps guests access past memories. Sometimes, way past; according to the website description, “Memories may include former incarnations and even the space between lives.”

Cellulite Treatment at Le Place D’Arms Hotel & Suites, Montreal: Rainspa at Le Place D’Arms has a special menu of paramedical treatments, including cellulite treatment using medical lasers, radio waves, and infrared light.

Hypnotherapy at Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort & Spa, Scottsdale: Sanctuary Spa is easily one of the best spas in the Southwest, and its extensive menu includes New Age options such as hypnotherapy, where the patient enters an altered state of consciousness and is treated according to personal needs (which might include pain therapy or desired behavior changes).

Truffle Body Cocoon at the Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Spa, Maui: Last but certainly not least, The Grand Wailea’s excellent spa offers a treatment in which guests get to surround themselves in chocolate. According to the brochure, you can “get your chocolate fix without the calories!” A chocolate mousse facial “that fights the signs of aging deliciously” is also available.

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