Oyster’s Fact or Fakeout: Makeshift Meth Labs, Lullaby-Cooing Concierges, and More!

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Does the Inn at Palmetto Bluff want you to cool off with their custard?

1. FACT OR FAKEOUT? The Inn at Palmetto Bluff offers a spa package available only this summer that includes a 30-minute massage with honeysuckle blood orange custard.

2. FACT OR FAKEOUT? Four window washers had to be rescued last week from a work platform after it got stuck outside the Vdara Hotel & Spa’s 35th floor.

3. FACT OR FAKEOUT? The Hampton Inn Philadelphia City Center burnt down to ashes after a 26-year-old man set up a makeshift meth lab in his room.

4. FACT OR FAKEOUT? The Benjamin in New York has a sleep concierge that can sing lullabies and read fairy tales to your kids before they go to sleep.

5. FACT OR FAKEOUT? At any of the Affinia Hotels (like the Dumont or the Affinia Chicago), guests can personalize their stay with great extras including guitars available for rent, rubber duckies for the tub, and free cupcakes!


1. FACT! The $300 spa treatment starts off with a bath in nectar milk on a private veranda, an exfoliation treatment with fresh citrus grass salts and a custard wrap, and finishes with a custard massage that hydrates, refreshes and calms the skin.

2. FACT! The window washers spent hours dangling in extremely high temperatures, but were finally rescued uninjured. The platform got stuck due to technical malfunction.

3. FAKEOUT! The meth lab set off the fire alarm, but there was no actual fire in the hotel. However, hundreds of guests had to be evacuated and spent the night in the adjacent convention center.

4. FAKEOUT! The hotel has a wonderful sleep program, which includes a pillow menu, dream dictionaries, white noise machines, satin sleep masks, and even services for dogs and children. But the concierge will probably not sing or read to your kids.

5. FACT! Guests have to create a profile for themselves online before they can order supplementary treats — some of which come at no extra charge – through My Affinia program.

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