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Our mission is to bring you the most authentic, honest, and comprehensive reviews of hotels around the world to help you choose the accommodations that best suit you and your needs, but we understand that we cover a LOT of properties -- and sometimes you simply don't have the time to search for a hotel that's tailored to each and every one of your exact specifications.

If you're, say, looking for a kid-friendly hotel in Punta Cana with less than 150 rooms, separate living areas, a golf course, all-inclusive options, and offerings that could better be described as "value" rather than "luxury," it's going to take you a couple of minutes to find exactly which hotels fit the bill (though we wish we could make pocket-sized clones of ourselves that are capable of throwing out hotel recommendations anytime, anywhere).

Enter's Dominican Republic Hotel decision-making tool. The geniuses over at Hunch have created an embeddable widget based on our hotel reviews that ask you, in 10 questions or less, what you're looking for in a Dominican Republic hotel -- and then it generates hotel recommendations tailored to your exact specifications. Like a magical hotel recommendation genie. Awesome.

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