This Airline Is About to Make Your Budget Flight Less Miserable

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When it comes to budget airlines, the journey is not as important as the destination. They’ll get you from point A to point B no doubt, but it’s wise not to expect too much in the way of amenities. Complimentary in-flight entertainment is rare, staff can be grumpy, and you might end up paying an exorbitant fee to check your luggage. And don’t even think about free food. But what if we told you that you can now enjoy all the amenities of an all-inclusive flight without paying extra? (No, this is not a trick question.) 



KLM recently debuted the KLM Flight Upgrader, a first-of-its-kind virtual reality experience designed for passengers on budget airlines. This new feature instantly transports travelers to a KLM flight where they can experience the airline’s benefits, including watching a full episode of a show (or 10-minute movie sample), reading newspapers and magazines, and enjoying the company of a welcoming crew. Travelers will also be able to (virtually) stretch out with more leg room, plus (virtually) satisfy their hunger with in-flight dining.

All you have to do to escape the miserable reality of your budget flight is download the free KLM Flight Upgrader app, and use your own VR headset. This new experience can also be enjoyed online. How’s that for going the extra mile?

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