Video: The Caribbean Island That Lets You Swim With Flamingos on the Beach

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If you’re having a tough time picking a Caribbean destination to visit, allow us to introduce you to Renaissance Island in Aruba. The 40-acre island, which is privately owned by the hotel Renaissance Resort & Casino, lies about a 10-minute water taxi ride from Oranjestad, Aruba, and comes with all the expected trimmings of a gorgeous beach getaway -- translucent water, soft sand, swaying palm trees, and water sports galore. But it still manages to blow all other beach scenes out of the water. How, you ask? 

The island is home to two beaches, one of which is Flamingo Beach. Here, the hotel’s guests can frolic with the beautiful pink-feathered birds, putting to shame all of those inflatable pool swans flooding your Instagram feed. Those who aren’t spending the night at the hotel can purchase a $99 day pass to get in on the action, too. And if you’re concerned that a group of squealing tots will put a damper on your tranquil vacation (or spoil that selfie), don’t worry, as the beach is for adults only. If you need any more convincing to flock (sorry, we couldn’t resist) to the island, check out our video below.

NOW WATCH: The Caribbean Island That Lets You Swim With Flamingos on the Beach

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