Photo Fakeout: Seaweed on the beach

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Barcelo Capella's Photo
Barcelo Capella's Photo

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We all know that the way a beach looks can change greatly depending on the time of day, and even time of year. Tides shift, and with changing tides comes a changing landscape. So we have no doubt that the beach at the Barcelo Capella Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic is often incredibly lovely. In fact, we even had a chance to see it at its finest and snap some photos. But at another time of day, our hotel reviewer found the beach littered with seaweed (and even some trash, too). And although we don’t fault the hotel for showing its beach in the best possible light, we found it our duty as objective reviewers to include both photo scenarios with our review — the good and the bad. Above is our seaweed-laden photo, on the right, compared to the hotel’s pristine marketing photo on the left. The contrast is, to say the least, striking.

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