Random trends: NYC’s burgeoning Canadian food scene

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Classic poutine: French fries topped with gravy and cheese curds

[Photo: Flickr/JoelZimmer]

It remains unclear whether it’s the hearty ingredients, the kitsch factor, the maple syrup or something else, but New York’s latest ethnic food boomlet comes from our nearest neighbors. Here are three new spots to sample Manhattan’s new take on Canadian cuisine.

T Poutine: Forget hot dogs and pizza. The Lower East Side party set has a new late-night, soak-up-the-alcohol snack. Poutine is a French Canadian specialty that consists of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, served here with gut-busting extras like ground beef and bacon. Someone call the cardiologist. This BYOB joint is open ’til 5am on weekends, and a quick walk from the Thompson LES on Allen Street. 168 Ludlow St.

Mile End: New Yorkers’ tend to laugh when they hear someone insist Montreal is the best city for bagels, but this brand new spot in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill neighborhood puts the claim to the test, flying in chewy bagels direct from the Northland, and offering a selection of Montreal smoked meats to throw on top. Worth a quick subway ride from the Wall Street Inn or Eurostars Wall Street hotel. 97A Hoyt St.

Ontario Bar: This new entry on the Brooklyn bar scene separates itself from all the other wood-paneled hipster dives with Molson’s on draft, a slew of Canadian whiskeys, and a favorite snack food from up North: Herr’s Ketchup-flavored potato chips. 559 Grand St.

New York doesn’t have a Canadian-themed hotel (at least not yet), but to stay in the spirit you can always stay at the now-Canadian-owned Plaza.

– Brendan Spiegal of Endless Simmer

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